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16 countries

of Latinamerica

+ 400 customers

Large companies and SMEs

$180 million

Savings on payroll errors

+100k Workers

They record their attendance daily

+50 integrations

Payroll, ERP, APIs, Interfaces

Frequent questions

We use facial recognition to prevent employment fraud. Attendance management services that use pin numbers, passwords or proximity cards are highly susceptible to workplace fraud, as collaborators share credentials to record the attendance of other employees.

Includes the entire system, cloud expenses, platform maintenance, free updates, and 24/7 support.

SIA integrates with all payroll systems. Our integration service is quick and easy.

No, SIA is completely in the cloud. You only need SIA Clocks and the Internet to start managing your employees’ attendance records.

SIA helps you from the first moment, we install the equipment, configure your account and train your team